New Horizons

As in life many changes take place, some most satisfying and then there are others. For Vanguard Organizational Leadership (VOL), the change is both exciting and extrinsically satisfying. I have retired from the Mukilteo School District in Everett, Washington, moved to Fort Myers, Florida to be nearer to family, and am beginning to turn my vision as a successful professional speaker into a reality. This vision began about five years ago while teaching leadership, team-building and building a sustainable organizational leadership philosophy centered around Robert Greenleaf’s concept of Servant Leadership.

Feedback from seminar attendees and from those who worked under my leadership indicates that it is a good choice. Comments like that of motivational speaker Dave “The Shef” Sheffield, “You Rock”, Bob MacKenzie of WSU Energy/Facilities Consortium, “Top-Notch speaker” and Ray Burton of McKinstry in Seattle, “You are the best seminar speaker at the conference” contributed greatly to my confidence. Additionally, I received some strong Letters of Recommendation/Reference to assist with proposals for speaking engagement.

As I assist my lovely wife Vicki arrange our new home — assist means following her direction and only providing feedback when specifically asked — I am finalizing the administrative specifics necessary to continue the pursuit. This blog is only one aspect of that preparation. Others include finalizing and activating my new website, getting business cards, finalizing my advertising pamphlet, and making contacts on Twitter and LinkedIn.

In addition to my personal speaking pursuits, my Brother Rev. Paul McCuistion and I work with churches in Florida to initiate Vision, Mission and Motto statements for their churches to help them with their purpose of improving the spirituality of church members. My good friend Michael Shields and I are also working on some team-teaching presentations on changing cultures, developing leader/building depth, using data to measure business improvements, mentoring, discipline, and creation of working level vision/mission/motto statements.

Excited about the future is an understatement at this point. Is any of the above seminars interest you, please contact me via this blog, LinkedIn, or my email I look forward to hearing from you.


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