Clan UISDEAN, USA 2013 Gathering

As President of Clan Uisdean, USA, which is the McCuistion/McCuiston/McQuiston/McQuesten/McChristian and other spellings Family, I am constantly looking for ways to spread the word about us. We are on a quest to get as many family members as possible participating in our Scots-Irish Family Clan.

This post is about the 2013 Gathering in Manchester, TN. Our focus this year is the McCuistion Cemetery in Shelbyville, TN (about 30 minutes from Manchester) where Ann Moody McCuistion is buried. We are attempting to keep the cemetery from becoming overrun with weed, underbruch and the like. Ann and one of her sons are buried. The second focus is President Andrew Jackson who lived with the McCuistions in Greensboro, NC during the Revolutionary War.

We are expecting over 100 family membes this year to attend the Gathering. We would love to see you there also.

2013 Clan Uisdean, USA Gathering

See the latest Newsletter with information by clicking on the attached file. You will need to double click a second time on the new screen.

Volume 2 – 2012

More information on tour costs will be promulgated as known, and in the March Newsletter.


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