David McCuistion - Cropped

Vanguard Organizational Leadership (VOL) is the blog by David A. McCuistion – President.

Joined John Maxwell Team to become a certified trainer, speaker, and coach.

Vanguard Organizational Leadership provides seminars focused on Servant Leadership, mentoring, conflict resolution, customer service, creating vision/mission/motto statements that identify the purpose of an organization — Corporation, Company, Private entity, civic organizations, schools, colleges and anyone interested in improving their organizational leadership and their employees.

In collaboration with my Brother Rev. Paul McCuistion, we provide these seminars to churches interested in growing in their particular communities.

VOL Leadership is about:

VOL Vision:  Recognized as a superior leadership speaker, teacher and coach throughout the United States, adding value to and making a difference in the lives of others.

VOL Mission: Provide “Enthusiastic”, “Interactive” and “Inspirational” Seminars on Servant Leadership, customer service, coaching, mentoring conflict resolution, vision/mission/motto development, and personal mentoring.

VOL Motto:  Developing Great Leaders who Develop Great Leaders.

I can be contacted via the following communication methods: email – davidmcc44@outlook.com and/or 423-402-1643.

You can also comment on my blog with questions and possibilities for future seminars.


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