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Why Vanguardldrship (Vanguard Leadership)?

Vanguard defined: The foremost part of an Army division; the leaders of any intellectual or political movement.

In other words, when one is part of the vanguard they are leading the pack. So it is with Servant Leadership – the fastest growing leadership philosophy and practice in business and organizations around the world. Don’t be mislead by the term “Servant” as meaning one is leading the way to servile behavior, it is not about bowing down to others to get results and praise, it is not about being the “go-fer” or errand boy/girl, and most importantly not about serving others by overlooking poor performance and behavior in hopes of the led correcting their actions.

There is a new leadership model that is based on teamwork, involving everyone in the process of running an organization. It is about an ethical and caring behavior toward those being led to improve/enhance their personal growth and worth in the workplace.

There is a new Leadership Paradigm in organizations of openness, empowerment, treating employees/followers like adults and leaders, being people oriented and cooperation. It is about a value system in leadership: integrity, trust, equality and mutual respect.

Servant Leadership was founded by Robert Greenleaf in 1970, written about in his small booklet called “The Servant as Leader”, which launched the modern Servant Leadership Movement. The idea came to him after reading Hermann Hesse’s “Journey to the East” in which is revealed the “Law of Service”.

The law of service says: “He who wishes to live long must serve, but he who wishes to rule does not love long.”

So who is a Servant Leader? Greenleaf says it is those who place the welfare of others before self. It is about asking yourself in your serving others, “Are their highest priority needs being served?” Greenleaf’s best test asks, “Do those being served grow as a person? Do they become healthier, wiser, freer, more autonomous?” Lastly, do those being served themselves become servant leaders. Servant Leaders lead with a “servant’s heart” toward others, helping them grow as people in the organizations.

Vanguard Leadership is the personal Blog of David McCuistion and Vanguard Organizational Leadership (VOL) Training. The blog will contain bits of information about the principles and practices of Servant Leadership, the Pillars of Servant Leadership, the creation of organizational value, mission and motto statements. There will be other postings about my experience over the past 20 years using the practices of servant leadership.

Please feel free to comment as you see fit, ask questions, which I will answer.  Enjoy the journey.  David


Developing Great Leaders who Develop Great Leaders

This is my personal motto, which applies to my Servant Leadership seminars and lessons. I have been practicing and teaching the Servant Leadership philosophy for the past 15 years, although until about 5 years ago I didn’t realize it until I finished my Masters’ studies in Organizational Leadership at Chapman University.

Servant Leadership is leading from the heart, with the intent of serving the developmental needs of the follower thereby creating within them leadership traits that serve the needs of their organization, their position, their own selves and their well-being. The philosophy was started by Robert Greenleaf in 1970. It is fast becoming the leadership method and practice of choice of many people and organizations. Coach Tony Dungy calls it Mentor Leadership, which is a great way to look at it as a practice.

I have found that it reduces discipline problems, improves self-confidence and self-esteem, which improves personal effectiveness and efficiency.

I have been teaching the practice for about four years now and am starting my own Professional Speaking business under the name of Vanguard Organizational Leadership (VOL) Training. My seminars are designed to “Put a SPARK in your Leaders” to move them to the next level of personal leadership.  I have inspired people attending my seminars to do more research into the subject, read Greenleaf’s books.

I recommend those interested to first read “Journey to the East” by Herman Hesse to learn about the “Law of Service”.

I will write more about Servant Leadership and other Organizational Developments practices in future blogs. I will also be posting some human interest stories as well as mentoring and spirituality thoughts.

Thank you for taking the time to read them.

Greetings from Vanguard Organizational Leadership (VOL) Training

This is my first introduction to Blogging, which should be fun as I enjoy writing very much.

I am embarking on my third career, this one in Public Speaking on subjects centered around Robert Greenleaf’s philosophy of Servant Leadership, which is taking the world by storm as the favored leadership philosophy in business, churches, schools and many other entities.

I began using the practices long before I knew what it was. It is leading with a “Servant’s Heart”.

I will be posting regularly on the subject. Stay tuned and I welcome your feedback and comments.